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Simply Solid. Sprinkle up your life.

We are here to make you happy when you shower, wash and care for your skin. With Simply Solid you get the "sprinkle power" you need so that you, your skin and your hair have a sudsy and wonderful time. Quality time first.

Oh, and just by the way, we'll make you completely free: from shady ingredients and plastic. We don't need it, the planet doesn't need it, you don't need it, right? Yay! Let's go happy!

Sprinkle up your life.

Sprinkle up your life.

Solid research. Solid care.

Since 2005, our team of 50 people has been working on water-free products that are used in various forms around the world. Since 2020, we have been bringing this know-how and our enthusiasm to the development and production of solid cosmetics. And since 2024, we have finally taken the next step with our own brand Simply Solid. Because just think about it: who brings water into the shower, right?

The result is our Happy Care Solids . They are here to change your habits. To make your life a little happier and to have a positive influence on the course of your life and the whole world.

>18 years

Experience in the development and production of water-free products.

1x set

With Simply Solid we only make solid cosmetics.


Plastic & preservatives in our products.

5 Solids

already exists. And there are 100 more ideas in our heads and in the lab.

You deserve happy care – and so does our planet!

Well, have you had a little me-time today? We hope so, because that's exactly what our Sprinkle Power Solids were made for. Each of our shower pieces, we call them "Solids", with all its sprinkles, is as unique as you - and has its very own characteristics.

Sometimes our solids nourish, sometimes they repair, sometimes they provide intensive moisture or a silky shine. Very easy. Lather up. Spread. Rinse off. Gentle & clean.

And so that you are not alone with all the positive effects of our solids, we have designed everything about the solids to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Because our planet deserves at least as much care as you do.


Our power sprinkles make every solid absolutely unique. They are as colorful as you out there, in the showers of the world. And we love that.

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Do you want something light? Do you want foam? Do you want a solid product that is much better than your old liquid shampoo or shower gel? It has never been so easy to switch.

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Yes, we are indirectly protecting the environment. Sustainably produced, plastic-free and water-free. We save weight, reduce transport emissions, prevent ocean plastic and declare war on water pollution caused by microplastics. But there's more to it than that! Join us.

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Hey, you. Ready to smile?

Our solids are the little miracle pieces that make your day foamy and sweet. Not for eating, but for showering. We have shampoos, conditioners and shower gels. All free of plastic, microplastics, preservatives and other shady ingredients. Check it out.