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Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary folks: Step right up to the newsletter that takes you into a solid world.
A beautiful model holding the Simply Solid Glow & Shine Solid in her right hand, the solid cosmetic piece is in front of her face, hiding her right eye, her eyes are closed, shoulders are free and she wears a big happy smile.

We are Simply Solid

Sprinkle up your life.

Welcome to your solid world. Say "Happy hello" to Solids . Fresh, cheeky, cheerful shampoos, conditioners and shower gels that will make your life uniquely lather. Free of water, preservatives and plastic. Yay! <3

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Sprinkle up your life.

Sprinkle up your life.

Hey, you. Ready to smile?

Solids. These are colorful wonders that will make your day a foamy and sweet start. Solids come to you as shampoo, conditioner or shower gel. Real, solid care for your daily bathroom routine.

The fun of solids? No raw materials diluted with water in plastic bottles, but pure, solid washing bars with super sprinkle power for your skin and hair. Booya!

You love our solids

And the Solids love you back. With less of everything that shouldn't be there and more of everything that is good.

"Well, at first I was skeptical about whether it would work or whether it would foam. After the first wash, all doubts were gone. I also liked the natural scent. So solid cosmetics do work!"


"Comb, comb! Hehe. When I heard that saying, I just had to try the conditioner and hey: it really makes it easier to comb and the world a little bit free of plastic. Cool stuff."


"My hair has rarely been this happy. I have liked solid shampoos for a long time because of the environmental benefits. But I need care for my full hair and the Glow Shampoo from Simply Solid is really good. I recommend it!"


Sprinkle, sprinkle, little star.

Our solids are full of colored sprinkles. This gives each solid its own life. Each one looks different from the one before or after. They become unique. One of a kind. Just as unique as you.

Sprinkles give us all a little more variety and joy in our everyday lives. And we love that.

Good reasons for a Solid

The next level of cosmetics

Nothing in it that shouldn't be in it - except happiness. Preservatives, plastic or microplastics? They don't stand a chance with us! Instead, you get the best and foamiest ingredients there are for your super-duper shower feeling. From almond oil to keratin, olive oil lipids or shea butter: if it's in solid, it makes sense to have it in solid.



Plastic & Microplastics


Happy, diverse, solid.

Simply Solid – that’s us!

Solid cosmetics for your shower and bath. Solids that positively change your world and the world out there. That's us.

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