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Why so(lid) unique?

Sprinkles. Sweet, right?

And what's more, it's a real innovation in solid cosmetics. We just love trying new things that are not only fun for us, but for you too.

So choose exactly the Sprinkle Power Solid that is closest to you, your skin and your hair - because with the Sprinkles, each of our solids is as unique as you.


Our solids are as unique as you are. With the sprinkle power, you start each day not only feeling particularly well-groomed, but also with an extra portion of happiness.


You can lather up our Sprinkle Power Solids under water and voilà: the fluffiest foam for skin, skin & hair or hair. Depending on the solid, of course. The result: super happy skin & hair & you.


For every type. From the all-round olive oil lipid & aloe vera 2 in 1 to the almond oil conditioner for damaged hair, there is something for every hair and skin type. Because we love variety.

A little luck for the day.

Happiness matters.

Being happy is a fantastic idea. Feel the fresh boost of vitality that comes with your smile!

Being happy strengthens the mind, regulates stress, even boosts your immune system and brings pure lightness into life. The superpower boost for your whole body.

That's why we love the sprinkles, value bright, relaxed colors and the easy handling of our solids. Not to mention the positive impact of our products.

We are for more happiness out there. Join us!

Get to know Happy Solids


"I think it's soooo cool that Simply Solid is doing this Happy Tour. It really makes me happy every morning when I see these little spots on the Solid."



Unique like you.

Our solids are born with uniqueness. Because every solid is unique, not like the next, just different. This happens because the sprinkles always trickle freely, wildly and wonderfully into our solids. Always new. A little like you, your friends and family. All of them themselves and yet a little similar.

Get to know Solids


"I've been asked a few times now what the colorful soap is that's in my shower. I always say: "Soap? No! It's a solid. Don't you know it?" Haha. I love it when you're the first to discover a new trend."



Lots of variety

Yep, variety rocks! Our colorful mix of products and ideas creates the best bathroom vibes. To get you into a creative flow in the shower, there are solids that are a perfect fit for you. Every skin and hair type is different, and different is beautiful!

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