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Liquid vs. solid

We think solid cosmetics are simply better than liquid ones – especially our solids.
So, now we have said it. Our opinion.

But see for yourself in the side-by-side comparison of the production of solids (right) versus liquid cosmetics (left). In our opinion, you are happier with Simply Solid - and so is the planet.

9 happy reasons for solids.

You, your Solid and I, we have a lot in common. Above all, we have 9 great reasons to use solid cosmetics instead of liquid ones. And so that you can tell others about them the next time you go to the gym or have a happy brunch in a café, we have written them down for you here.
Enjoy browsing!

Free of water

Water is extremely important for our lives. Leaving out water in cosmetics sounds strange at first, but it isn't. The most important advantage: no plastic bottles. This saves us enormous amounts of resources. Your new shampoo, conditioner or shower solid is lighter than its liquid alternative. No additives. It saves huge amounts of weight and CO₂ during transport. But it really foams up in your shower!

Free from plastic

Fortunately, our products do not require expensive pressed plastic bottles or microplastics. They are packaged and shipped in a pretty box. This significantly reduces the amount of plastic used in the production of shampoos, shower gels and conditioners. Another positive aspect: less weight, less space required, fewer trucks, fewer traffic jams, fewer transport emissions.

Without preservatives

If there is no water in your solid cosmetics, you don't need to preserve them. All liquid products must (!) contain preservatives to avoid germs. Solids can be water-free and do not require any preservatives at all. Where there is solid, there are no germs. Your skin, your hair and later our environment will thank you. A "win-win-win!"

pH skin neutral

Our products are dermatologically tested and suitable for the skin types indicated. And no, we don't make soap. Solids are full-fledged shampoos, shower gels or conditioners. We use a wonderful selection of raw materials and press the ingredients in their purest form. So again: no soap.

Small environmental footprint

With a solid bar of soap, you can reduce your environmental footprint a little bit every day. Solid means that less water has to be transported around and that fewer transport emissions are generated. Plastic is also not needed. All good reasons to pay attention to which product you use every day.

Free from silicones, parabens & microplastics

We do things very naturally. That's not something you can take for granted. Unfortunately. With our solid soap bars, you don't need to worry about coming into contact with any of the additives mentioned above. Your skin and hair will thank you. Yippee!

Lots of vegan

Many of our products are vegan. Please look for the vegan seal.

By using vegan alternatives for additives in many of our products, we can utilize the positive aspects that a vegan lifestyle brings with it and, above all, place less strain on the climate and the environment.

Easy transport

Our solid cosmetics take up little space, are perfectly stackable, lighter than liquid products and fit into every corner of the truck. The CO₂ footprint? Significantly reduced compared to a liquid alternative. The nice thing is: such a solid piece is perfect for on the go. No more stacking bottles in the van or wasting unnecessary space in your backpack. Yay!

Super soft in the hand

The unique new Solid triangle with rounded, flattering corners is really easy to grip and sits great in the hand. While the Solid nestles against your palm, its flattened side offers the largest surface area for applying the rich care ingredients to skin and hair.

Happy FAQs

All your questions. Now with solid answers.

Is your question missing? Then feel free to contact us. Happy to help!