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Glow & Shine Shampoo

Your Solid for silky smooth & strong hair.

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Glow & Shine Shampoo
Glow & Shine Shampoo Sale price€6,99 EUR


Our products are water-free. This saves huge amounts of plastic, transport costs and unnecessary preservatives.


Solids are the purest raw materials, solidly pressed. Super soft on the skin and dermatologically tested, pH skin-neutral. Soft, softer, solid.


Many of our products are vegan – and the number is growing, like this one.

Happiness rarely comes alone:

More solids & accessories for your sustainably happy bathroom.

Skin Care Shower

Shea butter & apricot kernel oil - velvety soft & well-cared for skin.

Repair & Care Conditioner

Keratin & almond oil - detangles your hair.

2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Aloe vera & olive oil – gives you soft skin & nourishes your hair.

Simply Solid loves solid

At Simply Solid, we are committed to diverse happiness and solid cosmetics.

We're stopping because there's just too much unnecessary stuff in liquid cosmetics. Too much plastic for the planet, too many transport emissions for the environment and too many preservatives for your skin.

Let's do it differently. With solids. For frothy moments. With the right attitude. The happy way.

Glow for Glory.

Imagine you've been spontaneously invited to a gala. You slip into your super dress for the evening and then you notice that your hair is missing that certain something. Stop, stop!

Don't worry: your moment will come. Time to glow and shine!

The finest ingredients make Glow & Shine Solid a foamy super hair shampoo. For care and shine.

So quickly jump into the shower, lather up, rinse, dry, comb through, maybe blow-dry and off you go!

Absolutely suitable for an evening gala and with our Solid Box always with you when you want to get glamorous on the go.

Happy to plastic-free

We simply believe in the good. We believe in our power sprinkles that will put a smile on your face. We believe in you, your smile, your super soul and in the hope for a better, plastic-free world.

Yes, we believe in sustainability too. We really do. We don't say it that often, but hey, why are we doing all this here?

To save a billion plastic bottles.

And with you and the Happy Army, we will do it. Piece by piece. Solid by solid.

Rice, rice, baby!

Just think of our solids if a sack of rice ever falls over somewhere, because rice can do more than just fall over. Rice is a super cosmetics ingredient. Especially its proteins.

With pure, fine rice protein, Glow & Shine Solid strengthens your hair immensely. It has a lot of power and also smoothes it. Wow.

Also cool are the other ingredients that make Glow & Shine a must-have in your new fixed shower bathroom.

Firstly, there is the moisturising glycerin, which helps your scalp to stay relaxed. Followed by lipid complexes that make your hair easier to comb and nourish it.

Your “moment to shine” can come at any time – with the help of plain rice. Crazy, right?

Solid Love!

You all can't be wrong: Solids probably really do make you a little bit happy.

“Shiny hair: check!”

Jennifer R.

"Can't say much about it other than that it does what it's supposed to: smell good and make your hair shine."

Janine K.

"I don't really like solid treatments. I make an exception here. It's really great how my hair feels afterwards."

Sandra O.

Happy shower. Happy day!

Treat yourself to a Solid. Treat yourself to a small, big piece of joy.