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Repair & Care Shampoo

Your Solid for repaired & strengthened hair.

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📦 In your bathroom in 3-5 days.

Repair & Care Shampoo
Repair & Care Shampoo Sale price€6,99 EUR


Our products are water-free. This saves huge amounts of plastic, transport costs and unnecessary preservatives.


Solids are the purest raw materials, solidly pressed. Super soft on the skin and dermatologically tested, pH skin-neutral. Soft, softer, solid.

Happiness rarely comes alone:

More solids & accessories for your sustainably happy bathroom.

Skin Care Shower

Shea butter & apricot kernel oil - velvety soft & well-cared for skin.

Repair & Care Conditioner

Keratin & almond oil - detangles your hair.

Glow & Shine Shampoo

Rice protein & inulin – velvety soft & strong hair.

Simply Solid loves solid

At Simply Solid we are committed to diverse happiness and solid cosmetics.

We're making a point because there's just too much unnecessary stuff in liquid cosmetics. Too much plastic for the planet, too many transport emissions for the environment and too many preservatives for your skin.

Let's do it differently. With solids. For frothy moments. With the right attitude. The happy way.

Freshly repaired.

Is your hair today putting a damper on the wonderful elegance you wanted to display?

No problem. With Simply Solid Repair & Care Solid you can bring your hair back to its repaired reality.

Intensive care combats dryness with ease. So that your day becomes your day again.

Elegant, right?

Happy to plastic-free

We simply believe in the good. We believe in our power sprinkles that will put a smile on your face. We believe in you, your smile, your super soul and in the hope for a better, plastic-free world.

Yes, we believe in sustainability too. We really do. We don't say it that often, but hey, why are we doing all this here?

To save a billion plastic bottles.

And with you and the Happy Army, we will do it. Piece by piece. Solid by solid.

Care. Care more. Keratin.

You enter into a symbiosis with this solid. Why? Because keratin is a protein produced by the body and 90% of your hair is made up of this protein. Keratin is you. At least in your hair.

Keratin helps to repair cracks, brittle areas and split ends in your hair. At least where there is still room to repair.

So that you and the keratin don't have to fight the cheeky dryness alone, we have added acerola extract to it. This is a wonderfully effective extract that strengthens your hair and makes it soft and supple.

Then let’s get started in the fight against the drought!

Solid Love!

You all can't be wrong: Solids probably really do make you a little bit happy.

"It's crazy how much you experiment until you find a shampoo that you like. I finally got it!"

Sandra P.

“I’m happy with it.”

Katrin H.

"Solid shampoo. I had to get used to it at first, but I really don't want to be without it anymore. Especially with repair and care. I've always been looking for something like this with keratin for more filling. Really good. Thanks SiSo!"

Kathrin E.

Happy shower. Happy day!

Treat yourself to a Solid. Treat yourself to a small, big piece of joy.