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Protects your Solid on the go.

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Happiness rarely comes alone:

More solids & accessories for your sustainably happy bathroom.

Skin Care Shower

Shea butter & apricot kernel oil - velvety soft & well-cared for skin.

Repair & Care Conditioner

Keratin & almond oil - detangles your hair.

Glow & Shine Shampoo

Rice protein & inulin – velvety soft & strong hair.

Simply Solid loves solid

At Simply Solid we are committed to diverse happiness and solid cosmetics.

We're making a decision because there's just too much unnecessary stuff in liquid cosmetics. Too much plastic for the planet, too many transport emissions for the environment and too many preservatives for your skin. Let's do things differently.

With Solids – the brilliant idea for frothy moments. With the right attitude. The happy way.

Clean travel

Our solids are made for on the go – at least if you use the Solid Box. You can go anywhere with the box.

Whether you're backpacking through Patagonia or driving a van through Portugal: your Solid is safely packed in the box and can't leak.

So have fun with your new travel companion.

Oh, ocean!

The Solid Box is made of Ocean Bound Plastic, so it helps bring plastic from the ocean back to land – and is useful in the process.

By using Ocean Bound Plastic, we support the circular economy and hope that, thanks to our efforts, the oceans will soon have to carry a little less plastic.

Thanks for joining us!

Solid Love!

You all can't be wrong: Solids probably really do make you a little bit happy.

"Comb, comb! Hehe. I'm pleasantly surprised. It's very easy to rinse out and comb out the hair - no problem."

"My hair has never been so happy. I absolutely love solid shampoos and I was really impressed with the moisturizing shampoo."

"Well, at first I was skeptical about whether it would work or whether it would foam. After the first wash, all doubts disappeared. The great natural green scent caught my eye and I was in love straight away."

Happy shower. Happy day!

Treat yourself to a Solid. Treat yourself to a small, big piece of joy.